Texan Steak (Beef) / kg


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Bigger than the average Rump, these steaks will more than fill your plate and your belly!

Seasoned with a delicious blend of spices. Best cooked over hot coals. Remember it's always a good idea to rest your meat covered with a bit of foil before slicing it. This way the meat absorbs all the juices and will result in your meat staying nice and juicy.

Fresh Meat Deliveries:

Our fresh meat products are only available in-store, click and collect or for local Hawkes Bay delivery. (Hastings, Napier, Taradale, Havelock North)

We really want you to enjoy our wors so don't want to take the chance of it spoiling on route to you via courier.

Feel free to contact us to see what arrangements we can make if you are really desperate and just can't go without!

It will cost a little more to get it to you out of town.

If you accidentally add any fresh meat to your order because you didn't have your glasses on to see this message, we will contact you regarding a refund or exchange for this item (you could always swap it for our delicious biltong or droewors!)