Biltong Subscriptions - FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about how our biltong subscriptions work.

Shipping is included in the price of each biltong subscription ordered.

Weights and minimum order

Biltong subscriptions are a minimum of one kilogram of either of the options per month. Biltong is delivered in 4 x 250g pre-packed bags. If you eat all of it in the first week, no judgement here! Just order some more :)

Combo options

A combo pack is a mixture of the available options in packs of 500g.
For example, 500g biltong and 500g droewors a month.


Each kg of biltong that is ordered is split into 4 bags and vacuum packed so that they can stay fresh and (in theory) 1 pack can be eaten a week.

EG: You order 1kg of biltong each month. It is split it up into four 250g bags and sent once a month.
Click and collect is also available

Time Frames

3, 6, or 12 months with a 3-month minimum order.
The subscription will start when you pay for the first month with dispatch aiming to be the first Monday or Tuesday after the order is placed.


You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Make sure to cancel before your next payment comes off. We will not be able to cancel subscriptions that have already been paid for. Just login to your account and cancel from your customer dashboard.

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We are trialling this as a new product and system, please be kind if something goes to custard! We would love your feedback, let us know what you think!