About Us


Welcome to your Highway Heritage Stop, where we strive to take you on a trip down memory lane while welcoming you to the warmth of a freshly made coffee and treat from the deli cabinet should your heart (and belly) so desire!

Justin & Vanessa Smit hail from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa and moved to Dannevirke, New Zealand in 2017. After a year of teaching, Justin felt the need to fulfil a gap in the market for those that may be missing a few essentials and “homegrown” treats, so decided to move to Hawke’s Bay and open The Saffa Shack in Havelock North with a second branch in Napier not long afterwards.

After 3 years of growing, learning and adapting to the market, it made sense to amalgamate the two shops into one. A bigger and better version that boasts a small café style seating area to cater for delicious on-the-go foods and beverages to suit all!

With growth comes change and a decision was made to rebrand to The Highway Heritage Stop: Home to The Saffa Shack (South African), Churchill’s Larder (UK), Kennedy’s Candy Store (USA), Secrets of Holland (Dutch) and Kiwiana products too!

For those that have shopped with us before, you will probably know that Justin makes all the yummy Boerewors and Biltong that tantalises your taste buds, right here on site! For those that haven’t tried it yet – you’re in for a taste explosion! 

Vanessa is the real boss around here as she controls the finances! She also keeps the need for gym memberships going with all the heavenly milk tarts, malva puddings, peppermint crisps and more that come out of the kitchen. One of her most endearing qualities is to make you, the customer, feel welcome and to lend an ear to those missing home. 

This is not just a shop, this is a place for you to come when you need a chat, a rant or a hug.  We are here to listen, to help and to serve, and Vanessa is the best at that! 

We look forward to welcoming you and hope that you can make new memories and friends from all of us here at Highway Heritage Stop