Repello Fire Sponge in Kerosene


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Multi-Use Fire Lighter. Refillable. Fire Sponge is a new sustainable way to light fires. Fire sponge will burn for approximately 10 minutes, allowing adequate time to get your fire blazing. Save $$$ over regular fire lighters.

To use: Remove fire sponge from container using BBQ tongs. Place in fire place. Pile desired amount of wood, charcoal or briquettes on top of fire sponge. Light fire sponge and let burn. Once fire is self-sustaining, remove fire sponge and let cool. Return fire sponge to jar. Fire sponge will be ready to re-use in approximately 3 minutes. Fire sponge will last about 40 lights with fluid replenishment and gentle handling. To replenish, add kerosene or lamp oil to jar.

Warning: Contents highly flammable when kerosene or lamp oil present. Keep away from children. If contents are spilt, clean up immediately in an appropriate, safe manner.

DO NOT add Fire Sponge to a burning fire!