Take Home Meals

As we grow, we will add to this menu.  We are a family shop and are growing steadily to cater for our customers.

Call the Highway Heritage Stop on 06 875 8366 to avoid disappointment and book yours.

For now, we offer the following:

Mini or Large Milk Tart:
Mini -$3.99   Large -$9.99

Traditional South African Tart made on a base of biscuits and filled with a subtly sweet milky, cinnamon filling.

Mini and Large Peppermint Crisp Tart:   Mini - $6.99   Large -$18.99

A favourite at any dinner table, especially Christmas lunch or dinner.  A creamy caramel fridge tart with biscuit layers, sprinkled with Peppermint Crisp chocolate.  Lovely and sweet.

A Bag of 6 x Koeksisters for $9.99

Koeksisters are another very traditional and much loved sweet delicacy among the South Africans.  A plaited deep fried dough and dunked in a traditionally made ginger, lemon and cinnamon syrup. Irresistible and will definitely hit that sweet spot.


Bobotie tub - $14.99

We have a lovely Cape Bobotie for those that need a quick dinner option for two people.  Slightly curried mince dish washed with an egg custard, Always better served with a bed of yellow rice, and garnished with slices of banana and a dollop of Mrs Balls Chutney.

Authentic Durban Curry tub - from $7.99 for a single serving tub.

Durban is the 2nd biggest Indian population in the world, apart from India itself.  Durban curry is hugely popular within the SA community and we make and sell our curry in a large tubs, enough for two people, or a single tub.  Periodically we alter it between Beef and Chicken and the occasional lamb or mutton.  Always made mild (Durban mild).  ;)



SAFFA Sausage Rolls - $19.99/kg

The SAFFA Shack makes their own boerewors. This boerewors sausage meat is used to make our hugely popular sausage rolls.  The pastry is light and fluffy, just like we had them back in SA :D.  The packs are sold ready to cook in your oven at home.  We also serve these on some Saturdays, depending what is on the menu for that week. $2 each! :)

Saffa Shack Boerewors - $19.99/kg

We make our own boerewors coiled sausages.  They are super popular and we sell out every week.  We like to differ from the norm, so we make our own "NZ Original" flavours, apart from some usual ones, namely:

Traditional Coils, 

Traditional foot long thins (great as breakfast sausages),

Egte Plaaslekker (with more coriander than the traditional),

Chilli Cheese Russian (in choices of coil or thin foot-longs),

Cheese Russian Sausages,

Feta & Spinach Coils, and  

No Pork Traditional coils flavours.

SAFFA Shack Pork Spare Ribs - $14.99/kg

Our pork spare ribs are BBQ marinaded and becoming increasingly popular.  Come and throw them on the braai and see why they are so good

SAFFA Malva Pudding - $12.99

Traditionally made Malva Pudding that everyone loves for any celebration.

Rich, brown, moist, spongy cake soaked in a sweet buttery syrup sauce.  

Excellent with ice cream in summer and hot custard in winter.

Make sure you order these in advance.  They go quick :)